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Welcome to Imre Simon Wiki

The Imre Simon Wiki is a tribute to the life of Imre Simon, the Brazilian mathematician and computer scientist. His friends, family and colleagues are encouraged to post their memories, feelings, photographs.

Bem vindo a Wiki Imre Simon Edit

A Wiki Imre Simon e um tributo a vida de Imre Simon, o matematico e cientista da computacao brasileiro. Seus amigos, familia e colegas sao bem vindos a escrever suas memorias, sentimentos e fotografias.


  • Imre Simon was born in Budapest, Hungary, on August 14, 1943, in the midst of the second World War.
  • He emigrated with his parents to Brazil in 1957.
  • He died of cancer in Sao Paulo, Brazil on August 13, 2009.
  • Imre Simon nasceu em Budapest, Hungria em 14 de agosto de 1943, durante a segunda guerra mundial.
  • Ele emigrou com seus pais para o Brasil em 1957.
  • Ele morreu em Sao Paulo, Brazil no dia 13 de agosto de 2009 de cancer.


Please feel free to add large or small details to the chronology above. If you have personal memories you would like to share in detail, please create a new page under the Memories Section. If you prefer, you can email images and memories directly to Liliana.

Sinta-se a vontade para adicionar detalhes a cronologia acima. Se tiver memorias que queira compartilhar, por favor crie uma nova pagina na parte Memories. Se preferir, podem mandar um email diretamente para a Liliana com fotos ou memorias.

Imre Simon boundless energy and enthusiasm enlightened his colleagues and students, many of them present at his funerals last Sunday. He always strengthened the importance of research as a driving force to elevate quality standards in higher education and to induce innovative IT initiatives. A genuine internationalist for whom geographical boundaries meant little, Imre always saw education as a mean for fostering societal development and improve world understanding. USP and many others Brazilian universities will deeply miss his talent, dedication and creativity. Jacques

Photographs Edit

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